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About Us


At work, we deliver satisfaction. In our spare time, we strive to deliver more satisfaction. We can't get away from it, nor do we want to - we love what we do. BluejinnTM team is passionate to offer you peace of mind starting from a user-friendly app to a convenient delivery. We don't take that lightly.

A successful app is one that functions intuitively, serves a purpose and keeps people engaged. When we see other people using, buying through our app and sporting a smile while receiving our services, we know we're spending our time wisely, enjoying every moment we get to spend bringing a smile to our esteemed customers.

BlueJinn.comTM is owned and operated by Blue Dot Retail Pvt. Ltd. It is a Next Generation Supermarket.  At BlueJinnTM our endeavour is to provide convenience to our customers so that they can take some time out for themselves and their families, instead of queuing up at supermarkets or making do with small choices while selecting products at neighbourhood stores. BlueJinnTM has more than 6000 products to offer and the choices keep on increasing. You can get most products of daily use like staples and grocery products, cosmetics, personal care, baby products, pet food, stationary and many more.

BlueJinnTM offers the best quality products at lowest possible prices. All products displayed are from reputed and reliable brands and sourced from authorized sourcing points. As we do not spend huge money in paying rent for retail space in malls we pass on most of that saving to our customers. What more? When you shop at BlueJinnTM, you save on petrol cost, save on parking hassles and parking cost, avoid bumping into other shoppers in the aisles, avoid long queues at cash counters, avoid carrying heavy bags, get very easy replacement, and biggest of all, you save time.